From Sun to Sun and Its In-Betweens

Kano Chroniclers

By Gbolahan Badmus

The sun in Kano, as usual, was unshielded by clouds, shining in its fullest glory. Flies and bees competed in harmony for the fallen or half-eaten mangoes littered under the trees; the dried-up ones left for the soles of wandering feet. Some flies completely abandoned the mangoes, and teased us by singing annoying music to our ears. We slapped our cheeks in a failed attempt to strike them dead. Others swirled above the heads of goats, like a form of dirty halo. The goats unperturbed by the flies, chewed peacefully of what was left of the recently mowed grass, trying to fill their bellies or shaving the head of the earth bald. A kid-goat, searching for its mother, shrilled like a newborn child. Beautiful butterflies (or moths) in the shade of yellow and white fluttered mindlessly, hopping from one plant to another. The sun drilled for sweat…

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