Beneath the earth or above sky
Where will my life beyond tiled bed lie?

Fire fire burning bright,
Within confines of heathen’s sight;
What concrete ice or quenching sea,
Could snuff out thy fickle tongued fury?

Tongues which eternally licks flesh uncharred
With its corresponding sensation unbarred;
Chthonic flames which forever blossoms
Where the above thorns, that choke, find their homes.

White and gold above the sky outlines
Sounds of brass by beings in white
Vocal strings strung in perfect melody
Worship chants in unfaulted harmony
As opposed to nether pain induced shrills of discordance
Earthly saints, in this abode, rewarded at long last.

Within smoky bars and heated brothels
I hear the lost ones with tainted lips say:
The monotony above is hell itself,
Heaven for we lies below
Where men of jesty spirits dwell.

The freeones believe in none:
Life begins and ends here
After death is oblivion.

When my earthly clock stops to tick
Whatever it may, this is all I pick:


  1. crunched cornflakes · January 10, 2014

    Hmm…..well after death all wished for is peace. Well said though your style is kinda complex.

  2. Kunle · January 31, 2014

    That shit is DOPE!!!!!!

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