Church of Adonitology: Strictly For the Curvy Women!

Hello everyone! 🙂

I recently came across something quite weird and interesting. With all the new spiritual movements taking place, one recently surfaced and it has fully caught my attention. It is about a new religion for the endowed ladies. Hmmmmm!


The religion is called Adonitology, named after a man who calls himself the Prophet Adonis. He claims that on Jan 3rd. 1996 he was visited by an Angel, the Holy Spirit (who is a curvaceous bottom diety *big sigh*) and Christ to form a religion for women with curves and to write a Holy Book for them, which is called the Book of Adonai. (The book is now available for sale on Amazon, if you’re interested, for )

Download the 8 minutes interview with the Prophet HERE

And now he has done it again by commissioning the Twerk praise dance as one of the official dances of worship during the praise service at the church of Adonitology. According to him, the Twerk praise dance is a stress reliever for women with the curvy bottom. Twerk praise dance is the act of twerking to spiritual/positive music.

An urban model twerking to Fred Hammond


Download the full vid HERE

Visit their site HERE for more info.

On a lighter mood, I won’t mind going to the church at least, for one sunday 😉

So what do u guys think?


  1. badmusace · December 31, 2013

    Lool ok bruv!

  2. Anonymous · December 31, 2013

    O lagbara!

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